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Duncan, but only at parties' Journal
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Date:2006-12-26 22:02
Subject:Cold wind, hot pans.

The roads were wet from the rain.
I had traction, slowly.
I saw a picture of someone I knew.
The hot pan hit my arm.
I remembered a hidden memory.
The sky changed from black to blue to grey to blue to black.
We missed it all.

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Date:2005-11-01 23:00
Subject:My dream this morning that would have been more accurately brought to you had I written it down when

I woke up.

Okay, so I want to go to some place in Europe called The Valley, it is just north-east of France. I think I wanted to go there to sell something. On the way, I had to stop at a house in France, from there I would get a ride the rest of the way to the Valley. Once I got there, we used the internet to find out how to get to the Valley, but we couldn't find a route, so I was stuck at the house in France. While there, I went off to explore the grounds, every day there were more vines and ivy, like the Disney version of "The Secret Garden". After several days, the house disappeared, and I was stuck out in the gardenish area that was over run with ivy, vines, weeping willows, and shrubbery of that ilk. Then there were two spaces. They weren't really buildings, but they were something that kind of took up space in between two trees, that I could enter. One, the one on the right if you were facing where the house used to be, had a series of puzzles that had to be completed to get out. But each puzzle was extremely difficult and the goals and manners of solving them cryptic. The other space didn't involve me doing anything, but entering it and staying in it a while. That space was full of horrors, things that when you're awake, aren't at all scary, but when you're asleep give you a seizure. I hated that space. I spent most of the dream in there. Couldn't leave. Was trapped until a phone call woke me.

This dream was much cooler when it was fresh in my mind. Like I knew what I was selling and the name of the place in the Valley I was going.

I saw something on television today that made me happy and sad at the same time. Isn't that something?

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Date:2005-09-30 00:57

WOO! I have just returned from a Molotov concert. It was awesome, they played a ton of great songs, their support band was pretty good too, and nothing beats being out numbered 300:1 mexicans to me and screaming "fuck your mother" "don't call me beaner" and "viva mexico, cabrones!". Oh, that was alot of fun indeed. Good times.

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Date:2005-09-29 10:37

Who's a happy pooper? I am! I am!

So I didn't get the job at OVIS (www.ojairesort.com) And unlike other jobs I didn't get because they weren't hiring or I had no experiance, I didn't get this one cause I just wasn't good enough. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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Date:2005-09-26 11:04

It just thundered so hard my house shook.

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Date:2005-09-20 00:03
Subject:Illuminaughty-Infected Mushroom
Mood: drunk is not a mood, dagnabit.

I was reading through some notebook of mine, that I had when I was in Professor's "Peace Project", and I found a page that read "Irma is going to yell at me. Oh she already did." Another page roughly read "journal entry journal entry journal entry. Person reflection on subjects brought to attention. Intiatives for peace. Journal entry." A third one was a recorded day dream about purchasing bread.

What all this leads me to believe is, my spanish and in that context, project director, had good reason not to like me.

Thinking about oak grove and professor makes me think of Maia and other people I miss from that crazy joint. Ahh, reminiscence, something I shouldn't enjoy for another forty-five years, but here I am, getting ahead of myself. Oh! Memories of the southwest trip. Nope, those didn't lead to any other memories.

Monster Mints, the mints made by people known for their high quality speaker cables.

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Date:2005-06-30 15:07

And now back to civilization, all the brightness.

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Date:2005-06-09 10:10
Subject:Simple Sipon was a pieman, but who cares about him? Let us hear of Simpe Semolina

As verbatim as is possible from my notebook, when I type "as possible" it is because there are mild diagrams and arrows in my notebook, so if there are any places where the word order is confused, you may assume that there would also be an arrow directing the words into proper order as it it written in my notebook.

What is the point of recording a pasta recipe? All of them come from my mind at my beck and call, most created instantly, so why a record?
Fettucine, lox, red bell pepper, garlic, onion, pignolia, salt pepper butter, good olive oil
cut the lox into thin shrot (that's what it says in the notebook) strips, mimic with the onion and pepper. Saute the pEpper and onion for 6 minutes over medium heat in the butter and some of the oil. slice the garlic into thin strips, add to the onion along with the pignolia. * add pepper and the rest of the oil. when garlic is softened in texture and and flavor add the cooked pasta and lox, salt if needed, coat. SERVE
cherry tomatoes (halved), garlic, basil, conglicette (pasta)
bake the tomatoes at 350° with salt, pepper, and oil on em. (note outside of my notebook, hold the pepper, it will burn, you can add it when they come out of the oven) leaf (slice the garlic in to thin sheets) and cook in all the oil over low heat. roughly chop the basil. after 12 minutes add the tomatoes to the garlic (another note, that means 12 minutes of roasting the tomatoes, not the garlic). add pasta, salt, pepper, coat, add basil, mix again. serve with parmesean.
2 large onions, crimini, heavy cream, parmesean, prosciutto, nutmeg, pappardelle.
crips the prosciutto, set aside, in the oli left by the meat, caramelize the diced onions until very sweet/Brown (about half an hour) 1/4 inc thick the crimini, add to the onions about 5 miunte before they ar done, crumble the prosciutto and add with heavy cream and parmesean. cook on high for as long as it takes to thicken the cream, add a small dash of nutmeg, and the pappardelle. Salt +pepper, coat. SERVE
eggplant, garlic, crimini, cumin, orwo, salt, pepper.
julienne the eggplant, leaf the garlic, and 1/4 inch the crimini, crimini go in first, two minutes later the eggplant and garlic join the shroomz. followed just one minute later the orwo and 1/5 a cup its cooking liquid, boil till thick, add cumin, salt, pepper. SERVE
3/4 a can whole tomatores, red chili flakes, oregano, salt, pepper, parmesean, heavy cream, penne rigati
in a little oil fry the chili flakes and oregano. Now add the tomatoes and their juice, crush the tomatoes into rough portions with your hand or a spoon. Boil until thickened. Add heavy cream, about a TBS. ADD pasta, salt, pepper, SERVE
dry dage, garlic, drained very dry frowen spinach, good oil, salt , pepper, parmesean, tortellini
Fry the leafed garlic in alot of oil, add the sage. add the tortelinni and cook for a few minutes when they are a ltitle bit brown, add the chopped spinach, salt, pepper and serve with PARMESEAN

and those are the stories of simple semolina.

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Date:2005-06-06 14:05

no recipes for today.

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Date:2005-06-03 14:00
Subject:Project: Common French Word BBBBBBBRRRRRRR: Dessert Dù Citron: WARM -> summer's day/night dessert

Lemon Curd (dind yer own damn recipe fer it)
Heavy Whipping Cream ( non-pasturized, I bet were MR. T a cook he'd pity the fool who uses the flavorless ultra pasturized heavy cream)
Vanilla bean (who foolin, you ain about to spend six bucks on fresha vanilla for this one recipe when you can spend six bucks on a bottle of extract that'll be good for forty-five of these)
Juice of one lime +plus a lime
2 tablespoons of cognac

whip cream to stiff peaks
mix (with a whisk, cause you want to break it up a bit) the lemon curd with the lime juice, sugar, cognac, and vanilla.
fold the whipped cream into the lemony mixture in a way befitting a mousse.
pour into one serving siwed bowls (or if you are fancy, pipe it into the bowls)
cool on the bottom of a functioning refridgerator for a (literal) couple of hours.
Before serving, to pretty it up, garnish with some twists of lime zest.

I forget the title i have for this:
unless it is: An Ocean Between Me and Spain

I; in matador garb, with tooth clenched rose,
standing in cool olive-tree shade on faded red cobblestone.
You; draped lightly in espresso foam cotton, with sun soaking skin
leaning through ivy framed adobe, that window; your stage as we:
Sing our giddy gleeful song until the tide turns and which hof us in the raft then floats far from Spain.

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Date:2005-03-06 23:32
Subject:Morality, sleep and some things I once saw.

So I notice a common theme of writing about one's weekend here, well I don't feel much like sharing my weekend, so nuts to you and your trends and what ever else I was thinking about until my concussion kicked in. Most of you know my friend Turkey (Paavo), well you should check out his site www.ampcast.com/ignite and www.cafepress.com/ignition and at least listen to a few of his songs and rate em slash leave feedback.
Anyroad, I was really depressed last night, like the most I have been in at least six months, but I woke up feeling fine, and had a fairly good day, plus a fun long night at work.
Now, I have a doogaw, um, thing I wrote, and I think I'll post it on the artconspiracy, mainly cause I haven't posted in a long time, not because I think it is truly noteworthy.

finally, I saw a squirrel, it was dead.

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Date:2004-12-07 00:22

You are the snake.

Saint Exupery's 'The Little Prince' Quiz.
brought to you by Quizilla


BOOM BOOM BA BOOM! boom boom boom




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Date:2004-11-10 22:29
Subject:one two, out like a light

So, I'm cool and with it and what not now. Yesterday i took a safety pin and i poked my ear with it until it made a new hole. then i went and gave marcy a visit and asked her to put a real earring in there. which she had a lot of difficulty with, but i don't blame her, because i doubt i could have done it. now my ear is a little sore.

i wish i could edit my word items on artconspiracy.

i wish alot of things.

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Date:2004-09-12 18:01
Subject:A visit
Mood: touched

Marcy, Juna, and Niko visited me at work today. Wasn't that nice of them? Why yes it was, they brought me a blended ice mocha and a cup full of chocolate covered espresso beans. Anyroad, they were kind enough to hang out in the sweltering kitchen for a while despite it being very boring for them, but a much needed break from nothing for me. Then Chris came in and told them the boss was coming so they had to leave. After which he told me that they were only 15, and that "that shit gets you landed in jail". and i couldn't cook in jail, well i could, but it wouldn't be something i wanted to cook (i.e. "man sandwhich"). Anyroad, Chris is one funny guy.

Anyroad, those girls sure are pretty, you should go check them out, unless you are a 47 year old construction worker from new orleans. Maybe they'll give you some chocolate covered espresso beans.

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Date:2004-08-07 01:49
Subject:I tried to write confusion, but it came out tear

Well, i just read something that made me feel really sad or really happy i'm not sure. it was like when someone in a movie cries because they are so happy. but i'm unclear how i felt. i think i feel happy now because of it. but probably felt sad when i first read it. it was the first time i've felt some strong emotion in the past 5 to six months. i wrote something, and i really like it, it's on my art conspiracy word section, it's the newest entry.

i should say things to people, alot of people, but i don't. maybe i will.

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Date:2004-07-18 22:48
Mood: listless

I experianced massive gravity chunks along with uncooperative trees, and now typing is hard because my left arm/hand is covered in a hard blue plastic thing that smells bad. Whistler is an awesome bike place, it pwnzrs mammoth for biking a whole lot, Paavo and I saw Dylan Trembley and Richie Schley and possibly Robbie Bourdan. A three day drive up, a 2 day drive down, and Seattle was always looming around. I wrote some stuff while i was up there, but i ran out of room in my little book thing, so i might get a new one, or just stop writing. Last night i got home around ten and was exhausted but didn't sleep until 230 and woke up at 730. so my body is stupid. I watched "Bad Santa" today with mac and marcy. what a strange movie.
I made some sort of conscience clearing movement with marcy, but i don't think she took me seriously, neither apology or what i was apologizing for. I wish she could have some how overheard what i told mac, because that way better exemplafied what i was trying to say. But what's done is done, and no harm to anyone.
I'll be postin' on AC soon, but i think my writing's been going down hill, i should shoot more often.
someone i don't know should call me 805-746-4505 and maybe i'll call 'em back.

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Date:2004-06-16 19:00
Subject:do you take that capital or lower case?

so that there is with Lincoln

How to make a Lincoln

3 parts intelligence

3 parts crazyiness

3 parts beauty
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

and this here is with lincoln
How to make a lincoln

3 parts jealousy

5 parts arrogance

1 part
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of curiosity and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

so, sometimes, i'm an arrogant jealous jerk and other times i'm a beautiful crazy genius. cross that and you've got some super smart, hot, guy who knows he's all that...

... or a jealous insane guy

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Date:2004-06-08 17:56
Subject:Happy birthday!

mmmmmmmmmmm waka!


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

wow, that was a lot of code. wish i knew what it all meant.
tomorrow i take my last high school test. pont.

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Date:2004-06-02 17:08
Subject:It's obvious you won't survive by your wits alone

Brains, competitors, beavers, and you.

I can't do stuff now. I just kinda go around moving and talking but not actually saying anything or doing anything. That was the most productive thing I've done in the last seven days. I think I'm still tired from the weekend.

I used to be much more creative also, i used to be able to end any conversation with a poem, a good night poem, as it usually was night, and at least one of us was going to bed. but now i can't. i must be dead.

and on the other end of the balance, i get out of school in a week and a day, and i have blue deoderant that makes me smell nice.

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Date:2004-05-05 23:38
Subject:Charred diamond

i just overread some of my past entries, and they tend to be in the depressive direction, but the last three or four were light hearted and happyish. Bah, nuts to that. I haven't been feeling that hot lately, and i don't just mean that i have a cold, which i do have. anyroad, i'll walk you though the thought process. I got some IM's and i'm sure they're a joke. or at least to be taken as a joke. thought=X said something to me, and X might have really ment it, but wanted me to take it as a joke, seen? seen.
it's five spaces to an indent. you can hit tab in word, but on the internet it just moves your cursor the next selectable area. scracth that, you probably don't follow. anyways, all of this is just me stalling and thinking about whether or not i want to copy and paste what X said to me. See, X is a very good friend of mine. so i wouldn't want people thinkin less of em, but i figure if you read what the said, then maybe you'll give me pity or something, right? how many people think things like what i just wrote, and how many of them actually let other people know they think it?
ah forget it, i'll keep both em and me in the dark. no sad story about me for you to read today. sorry to disapoint you, but i do that sometimes, disapoint people that is. it's hard to keep up with all the demands, you know? X wants me to keep track of all his stuff. V wants a ride somewhere. M,A, and G all want rides also. Y,T,R,Q, and O just want. they want anything i'll throw at them. and in return i'm beautiful. or the coolest person ever. or they love me. poor poor fools, those V, M, A, G, Y, T, R, Q, and O, suffering from amnesia, forgetting they love me. That must be horrible for them. how ever will they hold down a relationship? Beats me, but they seem to have a system down.
so, power to them. i won't allways be around to drive them places, to keep track of his shoes, to buy her candy. take advantage of me while i'm here.

in addition to the song at that it says i am listening to, i also heard maia's song about "it's like a desert in here" and Aoi Hitomi from the movie Escaflowne.

maia is can sing beautifully. i should tell her that sometime, eh? it would probably make her feel good.

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